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Whether you are looking for what steps to take next regarding your personal injury claim or if you are just gathering more information about the personal injury practice areas, you are in the right place.

How to Hire Lawyers

Our laws are based on a system of precedent, which means they are constantly changing, and some of citations in the book may be outdated by time of publication. Also understand that although this book is not meant to be an advertisement, it may have that effect and the choice of an attorney is an important decision that should not be based on advertisements alone. It is also not meant to be legal advice, as every case needs to be judged on its own merits and the references in the book may not apply to a particular set of facts or legal circumstances. Our goal was for this book to just to reduce some of the mystery and apprehension about approaching law firms and to guide consumers to lawyers that best fit their situation. Nothing can really replace a meeting with your potential attorney.  Andrew and I make it a rule to meet all our new clients in person, and we recommend that you do the same before selecting your attorney. You can buy this book on Amazon here: How to Hire Lawyers. José Bautista & Andrew LeRoy

Ten Common Questions in Personal Injury Cases

Introduction to Bautista LeRoy LLC Personal Injury Trial Attorneys

José Bautista provides a brief overview of the firm, their core areas of practice, what sets Bautista LeRoy appart from other firms and how process looks to engage Bautista LeRoy for a free consultation. 

Meet José Bautista of Bautista LeRoy LLC

José gives some insight on what it is like to be a perosnal injury attorney.

Meet Andrew LeRoy

Andrew shares why he bacame a personal injury attorney.

What is my auto claim worth in Kansas City?

Andrew LeRoy explains how auto accident claims are impacted by the location where you claim was filed or being tried. 

Insurance company won't pay the value of my car 

Andrew LeRoy goes over four tips you can use to ensure the insurance company pays you fair value for you car. 

Best Legal Business Practices with Andrew LeRoy

Andrew's practice concentrates on motor vehicle accidents, hunting accidents, sex abuse and nursing home negligence cases.

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