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Each and every case that walks through our doors, sends us an emails, or gives us a call is someone's personal story on how they were personally wronged. At Bautista LeRoy LLC we understand your story and how personal it is to you. You have been harmed because someone else made a negligent and preventable mistake. Whether it was a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall at the grocery store, tripping over construction that should have had warning signs, we understand it was unexpected and not your fault. Each case is someone seeking justice for being wronged. We are here to help you seek and ultimately get that justice.

Our firm has decades of experience in protecting the rights of injured people just like you. This is a hard situation in your life. You were unexpectedly injured, need medical treatment, and may lack the resources or a job that lets you get the treatment you need. On top of that, you have to deal with insurance companies who are constantly calling you, asking you intimate questions, and sending countless documents to your door which potentially makes you feel as if your privacy has been violated.

Hiring a lawyer helps alleviate this heavy burden as you continue to go to work, play with your kids, and enjoy your hobbies.

Personal Injury Law Firm

A personal injury lawsuit is a civil claim that looks at the duty owed from one to another and the injuries caused by a breach of that duty. All people and entities are responsible for the harm that their actions or inactions cause whether intentional or not. These types of civil claims give the victims the right to hold these entities and individuals accountable for the injuries, medical costs, and emotional trauma that they have incurred.

There are many different types of personal injuries:

It is also important that a victim understands the types of compensation that they may be entitled to, so no aspect of their recovery is overlooked. Your claim may include:

  1. Medical expenses
  2. Lost Wages
  3. Pain and Suffering
  4. Wrongful death 

At Bautista LeRoy LLC, we have extensive experience in cases where a client has suffered from a personal injury. When you hire our firm, we will advance all costs associated with representing the client. If we do not win your case, the firm takes on the losses of the litigation costs. In fact, we only get compensated when we win the case. Simple as that. Give us a call at 816-307-4024 or chat with use by clicking on the chat box in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

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Train Accidents

The rate at which train crossing collisions occur is alarming. Grade crossing collisions are catastrophic, usually causing horrific injuries or death. According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), once every two hours a train strikes a motor vehicle or pedestrian at a railroad crossing somewhere in the United States.

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Bicycle Accidents

More and more frequently, people are riding their bikes to work, school, and just for pleasure. Unfortunately, many motorists think they rule the road, and they often fail to keep a careful lookout for cyclists, and that results in accidents. As a cyclist, you have a right to ride in safety, and you have the same rights and responsibilities as any other motorist. 

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Brain and Head Injury Claims

Brain damage can be life-changing — both for the injured person and for family and friends. These damages are not limited to medical expenses or lost of pay. They also can severly alter one's mobility and ability to learn, think, reason, remember and decision making ability. Improvement begins to plateau at six months after the injury. Therefore, time is of the essence.

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Tree Stand Accidents

Hunting season is extremely popular in Missouri and Kansas. Tree stand usage is increased when deer hunting season begins in September for Missouri. Those who hunt generally worry about bow and gun accidents while hunting. Gun safety and bow safety during their respective seasons must be always on hunters' minds. What most people do not realize is that there are more tree stand injuries than there are gun injuries during hunting season.

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Forklift Injuries

The Kansas City metropolitan area has a vast array of economic companies who have factories, warehouses, and construction sites which use forklifts and other heavy machinery to move materials and goods from one place to another. Forklifts are useful in helping transport heavy material, but they are also equally as dangerous and have the potential to cause serious and deadly accidents.

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Crain and Aerial Lift Injuries

Every year, hundreds of crane workers, oil works, mechanics, ironworkers, riggers, and other occupations are killed or are seriously injured as a result of crane accidents. Injuries happen not only to those who are operating the cranes and equipment but to workers on the ground and those who may even be an innocent bystander.

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