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Missouri Tree Stand Injury Attorney

At Bautista LeRoy LLC, we have extensive experience investigating and litigating tree stand injuries from falls and defective equipment. Hunting season is extremely popular in Missouri and Kansas, as is tree stand use. Those who hunt generally worry about bow and gun accidents while hunting. In Missouri and Kansas, there are more tree stand injuries than gunshot injuries during hunting season.


Falls from tree stands can cause injuries including broken legs and arms, punctured organs, and even death. About five out of every 10,000 hunters require medical attention after falling from a tree stand.

Hunting Accident Injury Attorney

Along with falling from a tree stand, there are other unforeseen dangers that occur while hunters are in tree stands. Some injuries are caused from hunters falling from stands because the straps holding the tree stand to the tree are inferior or poorly designed. Other injuries occur from the collapse of stand accessories, such as, the ladders, steps, and pegs used to get up the tree. Poorly designed or defective tree stands, and equipment can cause serious injury to hunters. Hunters may suffer strangulation, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and even death.


Under the laws of Missouri, a product may be considered defective if it meets one of the following elements:

  • Design Defect: This defect deals with the overall design of the product or a specific part of the product. A design defect investigates the design principles and how the product was engineered from paper to being sold on the store shelves. The manufacturer must consider any and all foreseeable uses from the consumer.
  • Manufacturer Defect:  These defects occur when there is an error made during assembly process, such as, an improper weld or failing to secure a bolt. This defect does not apply to all product models, but just the specific product that caused the injury.
  • Warning, Marketing or Label Defects: This defect occurs when manufacturers do not inform the consumer of how the product should be used or warn the user about what injuries may occur if the product is improperly used. These claims can be brought against the distributor, manufacturer, wholesalers, and any retailers.

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