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Kansas City Brain Injury Lawyers

Brain damage can be life-changing — both for the injured person and for family and friends. As one family member said, "Our daughter is just not the same." It is important that you find a Kansas City brain injury attorney because every head trauma, whether it is caused by a car, truck or train collision or something as simple as slipping on ice, has the potential to result in serious and permanent brain damage.


While traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can vary in severity, all need a careful diagnosis. The symptoms are often subtle, and the standard x-ray or CT scan at the hospital may not show the injury. So, in many cases, people with mild to moderate brain damage are not even aware of their disability. The injury, however, is no less real and requires immediate attention and therapy. While people with a head injury may make a complete recovery, many do not. Some clients had mild limitations and others had to start life all over after the accident. As a result, the injured person may be unable to work or even care for herself and a guardian or family member may have to help with finances, daily activities, self-care, and life decisions. Whenever we represent a client with a brain injury, we work hard to obtain a settlement or verdict which will cover all past and future losses. We work with many experts to calculate the life-long cost of serious brain damage, including:

  • Lost Income: We work with forensic accountants, life care planners and economic experts to determine past wage loss, impairment of earning capability, lost benefits and opportunities, and future loss of income.

  • Medical Care and Rehabilitation: We work with neuropsychologists, neurologists and other medical specialists to determine the extent and severity of the injury, and the cost of past and future health care, therapy and rehabilitation.

  • Pain and Suffering: We also work with family members, friends, and co-workers to show the physical and emotional effects of a brain injury and the impact a brain injury can have on every aspect of life.

Kansas City Brain Damage

The more severe brain injuries that deal with trauma are easy to spot because there will be some Cother injury to go along with the brain injury. However, brain injuries are generally tricky to spot for the normal accidents. You may have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in which you were rear-ended with the at-fault driver going at a high speed. Your air bag could have failed to deploy, and you hit your chin against your steering wheel. This caused you to immediately close your eyes and sit still so your body can assess your well-being after being sent into a minor shock. If you have ever felt dazed after being struck in the head, then chances are you received some type of brain injury. When this happens, it is important that you seek urgent care to receive the proper medical treatment. In rare instances a small smack in the head can cause a hemorrhage if the blow was at the right angle.


Having multiple head injuries is called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is a brain condition associated with repeated blows to the head. Potential signs of CTE are issues with thinking and memory, personality changes as well as behavioral changes ranging from aggression to depression.


At Bautista LeRoy LLC, we have extensive experience in cases where a client has suffered from extreme head injuries and understand how traumatic brain injuries affect someone’s life. When you hire our firm, we will advance all costs associated with representing the client. If we do not win your case, the firm takes on the losses of the litigation costs. In fact, we only get compensated when we win the case. Simple as that. Give us a call at 816-221-0382 or chat with use by clicking on the chat box in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

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