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Every year, hundreds of crane workers, oil works, mechanics, ironworkers, riggers, and other occupations are killed or are seriously injured as a result of crane accidents. Injuries happen not only to those who are operating the cranes and equipment but to workers on the ground and those who may even be an innocent bystander.


At Bautista LeRoy LLC, construction accident lawyers in Kansas City, we can help relieve many of the complicated legal issues that come with being injured by cranes. We are able to provide our clients a sense of peace while we deliver quality legal representation as the attorneys at Bautista LeRoy LLC are Kansas City’s Cranes Aerial Lifts attorneys.

Crane Construction Accidents

Construction sites are often extremely busy and involve a lot of coordinated movement while completing the project. From various contractors and subcontractors coordinating when cement trucks should be coming in, what about cranes, when do we need drywall, and other various construction material, the workers must do so within a small area of workspace. Construction sites are also time sensitive matters. When you put a small area, a lot of moving parts and construction workers, and a rush to get the job done, you create a very active environment that is extremely dangerous. This is why crane collapses are one of the most catastrophic construction accidents that can occur. Unfortunately, these collapses occur at an alarming frequency and generally involve serious injury or death of construction workers and others in the area.


What are the causes of crane accidents?

  1. Contact with Power Lines: A majority of crane accidents are caused by inadvertent contact with overhead powerlines. Crane booms, cables, or other parts can come into contact with an active power line while operating which can electrocute the operator and other workers nearby.

  2. Weather: Weather can play a part into a crane’s stability. If a storm comes through the area it can tip the crane over or cause structural damage to the crane itself, so it is important to inspect the crane after a storm.

  3. Crane Assembly/Disassembly: There are specific ways a crane must be put together and taken apart, so it is important to follow the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid accidents. Additionally, tests must be performed during installation to test the stability of the crane and assess and instability. Failure to do so can cause accidents.

Other injuries can also occur due to the misuse of cranes. A crane can be extended too far out and tip over, have its load inadvertently fall off, and have its load run into something or drop on someone. It is important that the necessary safety steps are being followed while a crane is in operation.


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