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Assault And Battery Defense Lawyer

Posted by Bautista Leroy | Aug 20, 2022 | 0 Comments

assault and battery defense lawyer

Bautista LeRoy can offer invaluable help if you require an 'assault and battery defense lawyer'. Since 1990, Bautista-LeRoy has provided the Kansas City Metropolitan Area residents with personal injury law services. We handle personal injury cases from car, truck, motorcycle, and train accidents to elder abuse or nursing home negligence claims - let us lead the way toward legal representation that gets results!

Assault and battery charges can be difficult to defend against on your own, which makes retaining an experienced personal injury lawyer key to reaching a successful case. Never make this decision lightly, hiring the appropriate lawyer at the right time is important.


What Are the Consequences Of Conviction?

Understanding the possible repercussions of assault and battery charges is critical as convictions could have devastating ramifications:

  • Fines: Assault and Battery in the US typically range between several hundred dollars and several thousand, depending on severity and jurisdiction.
  • Prison: Convictions for assault and battery can result in jail terms ranging from several months up to several years, depending on the specific details of each case.
  • Criminal Record: Any form of wrongdoing will remain on your criminal record forever and could adversely impact different aspects of life, such as employment opportunities and community standing.


What Defenses Exist Against Assault And Battery Charges?

Assault and battery charges can come with various strategies you can employ in defending yourself:

  • Self-Defense: Self-defense can be applied if any actions taken were to protect either yourself or another from imminent danger.
  • Intent: If any incident that took place was unintended and without your knowledge or intent, this can provide an effective defense strategy.
  • False Allegations: If you have been falsely accused of any criminal act, gathering evidence and witness testimony will help demonstrate your innocence and show its validity.
  • Defense of Others: When protecting someone else from danger. Employing this tactic as an effective defensive strategy.


What Are The Fees Involved With Hiring An Assault and Battery Defense Attorney?

The cost of hiring an assault defense lawyer varies widely depending on several factors, including experience, the complexity of the case, and location. Fees could range anywhere from several hundred dollars up to thousands or even millions.

  • LegalMatch reports criminal defense attorneys' hourly rates range anywhere between $150 to $700 an hour, with an estimated average hourly fee being approximately $300.
  • Assault and battery cases typically cost anywhere from $1500 to over $10,000 in legal fees, depending on how your case is managed.


Hiring a Lawyer Can Improve your Case

  • Legal Expertise: Personal injury lawyers possess extensive expertise when it comes to assault and battery cases.
  • Negotiation Skills: Lawyers may negotiate with prosecutors to reduce penalties or charges and secure better outcomes for their clients.
  • Assistance and Guidance: Confronting criminal allegations is often daunting, having access to experienced legal advice throughout this journey can provide invaluable support and peace of mind.


When Should You Hire an Attorney?

After being accused of assault and battery, you should reach out to a lawyer as quickly as possible, collect evidence, and interview witnesses while simultaneously formulating an effective defense strategy in time to meet deadlines.


What Criteria Must I Follow To Select An Effective Lawyer?

Consider these criteria when searching for a lawyer:

  • Experience: When hiring a lawyer, make sure they have successfully managed similar cases in the past.
  • Reputation: Evaluate each lawyer's status within their field by reading client reviews and gauging credibility.
  • Communication: Look for a lawyer who keeps you up-to-date and excels at communicating.
  • Resources: When hiring a lawyer, make sure they possess all of the resources and staff to effectively represent you and handle your case.


Why Choose Bautista LeRoy LLC?

  • Experience: Our team has extensive knowledge in handling all forms of personal injury cases.
  • Reputation: Our firm has earned an impeccable track record that yields successful outcomes for its clients.
  • Communication: Our firm puts great emphasis on open and effective dialogue to keep you fully informed and involved throughout.
  • Resources: At our disposal is an experienced legal team and cutting-edge resources, giving us the power to craft an impressive case on behalf of you.


Suggestions for Action

Take these steps to protect yourself and ensure the most positive result if facing assault and battery charges:

  • Schedule a consultation with us and we'll go over each available option with you, helping to explore them fully.
  • Gather evidence in support of your defense as part of this step, such as witness statements or surveillance footage.
  • Be certain to heed all instructions of your lawyer and remain as cooperative as possible during the legal process.
  • Staying abreast of developments regarding your case and communicating openly with your lawyer are both paramount for successful legal proceedings.

Follow these steps and trust in the expertise of our team when facing assault or battery allegations. Contact us today at 816-221-0382 or send us an email on our Contact Page. Serving Kansas City, MO and KS as well as surrounding areas of Benton County and St. Louis.

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