The Most Common Types of Abuse in Nursing Homes

When you make the decision to utilize the services of a nursing home to provide care for your elderly loved one, there is no question that this is a difficult and emotional decision. It is often difficult to relinquish the care of your parent or your grandparent to another person.

In most cases, you trust the nursing home staff to provide the care needed to help your loved one remain healthy and thrive in their new environment. However, since seniors are often fragile and more likely to be manipulated, many people may abuse the power they have and take advantage of your loved one. Getting to know the signs of nursing home neglect and abuse is the best way to prevent it. 

The Most Commonly Seen Types of Nursing Home Abuse 

There are many ways that a senior may be abused or neglected while in a nursing home. Some of the most commonly seen issues include:

  • Physical abuse: It can be quite easy for an elderly person to be physically harmed. This is true because they are typically unable to fight back. Any senior who has fragile health may be susceptible to physical harm. Some of this type of abuse includes shoving, tripping, striking, hitting or beating.
  • Emotional abuse: This type of abuse is often more difficult to recognize because the signs are not usually tangible. If an elderly person is being emotionally abused, it may result in them feeling fear, anxiety or anguish or even being grief-stricken. The individual may be subjected to lies and misstatements to that they suffer emotional distress. Over time, this can result in a change in the person’s behavior.
  • Financial abuse: There is no question that the elderly are easy targets for this type of abuse. Many unscrupulous individuals may try to get an elderly person’s money and assets to use as their own. If you begin to notice unusual bank statements or transfers to certain caregivers, it is important to look into this.

When to Call an Attorney 

If you notice any of these signs of nursing home abuse, it is your duty to speak out. This will not only help protect your loved one but also anyone else in the facility that may also be suffering from this type of treatment. The attorneys from Bautista LeRoy are ready to help you with your case and ensure the abuse your loved one has to endure is put to an end.


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