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Swimming Pool Injuries & Unintentional Drowning

During the summer swimming pools are the beacons of fun for group hangouts, relaxation, and enjoying the sun. Most families log lots of time at

During the summer, swimming pools are the beacons of fun for group hangouts, relaxation, and enjoying the sun. Most families log lots of time at the swimming pool during the warm summer months in Kansas City. As we all know, swimming pools pose a significant danger, including unintentional drowning.

Unintentional Drowning

The World Health Organization has stated that the leading cause of accidental death in the entire world is from drowning. About 372,000 deaths per year are reported to come from accidental drowning. Likewise, the Centers for Disease Control reports that there were 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings on average per year from 2005-2014. This is about 10 deaths per day from accidental drowning. The numbers are staggering with the amount of warning taught to children and adults regarding pools and swimming. Even with the amount of safety we teach to adults and children, drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death for children between the ages of 1 and 4.

What May Cause Drowning?

There is a lot that goes into potentially increasing the risk of drowning. First, if the individual has subpar swimming skills, this could directly link to a higher risk for children. If a child has received swimming instructions, then they are less likely to drown or suffer a swimming-related injury. Second, not having fencing on all four sides of a pool increases the risk of drowning. This can be a deterrent to individuals who are not authorized to swim from attempting to go swimming at the pool if it is properly barricaded. Third, the lack of adult supervision on children. This is the most crucial point to make. Children are more likely to get hurt with adult supervision, so when it comes to pools, if children do not have adult supervision, then they are more likely to drown. Fourth, the consumption of alcohol increases the risk substantially. Alcohol is an inhibitor, and when individuals are diving off of the sides of the pool or swimming when they are not the best of swimmers, then this could lead to making poor decisions. Poor decisions lead to bad results. There are lots of other reasons that can go into causing an unintentional drowning, but these are some of the most common.

Personal Injury Claims

Unintentional pool drownings can be complicated cases. With a lot of factors playing into the situation of an accidental pool drowning, it can be a hard case to make. It is essential that if a loved one suffered from an unintentional pool drowning that you make notes as descriptive as possible as to the events surrounding the accident. The clearer the picture of how the injury happened and where the better chances an attorney can give you a more accurate evaluation regarding a potential claim. At Bautista LeRoy in Kansas City, our attorneys have successfully represented clients across the United States in connection with unintentional drownings. There is a considerable amount of time and resources that are necessary to ensure you receive the compensation you and your family deserve so you can continue moving forward with your lives.


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